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English Classes

English Language Classes

Many new migrant settlers in Australia face the additional challenge of learning the English language – a challenge compounded for older learners who typically acquire new language at a slower rate than their children, and who do not have schooling as an option.

belong’s community-based English language classes delivered from the Acacia Ridge Community Centre offer a vital opportunity for learners of all ages to practice their English and make connections in a safe, friendly and welcoming setting.

We engage an average of 15 learners a week each year across 100 hours of free tuition.

In addition to supporting people’s language development, the classes offer a vital platform for people to make new friends and build their networks. In many cases, the friendships participants make with each other and our volunteer teachers are their very first as they settle into the Australian community.

Who is it for?

Our English classes are for anyone in the community who wishes to improve their English in a friendly conversational setting. Our classes are able to support people with levels of English ranging from very basic through to intermediate level. Please note that due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, we ask that people register with these classes before attending. Please contact reception at 3277 4893 to register your place.

Class time:

Weekly Tuesday classes at 9 am – 11 am.

Please note: Last class will be held on the 15th Dec 2020 and commence on the 9th of Feb 2021.

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