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Multicultural Women’s Group

Our Multicultural Women’s Group provides a place for women of all backgrounds to come together and connect. The activities of the group are led and directed by the participating women. Much of the time, the group provides a safe space for women to come together to make new friends, connect and unwind. At other times, the group uses the gathering as an opportunity to explore and address specific topics of shared interests to each other, including women’s health, parenting, and more.

Who is it for?

The group is there for any women who wish to take part, regardless of their background, or length of time in Australia. All women are welcome to take part!

Class time:

Class times: Tuesday 10 am – 11 am

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The group empowers women through connection, and sharing experiences. Sometimes our individual life journeys can distract us from the fact that what we share in common far outweighs what makes as different. We all have families of some kind, we all have hopes, anxieties, and share many of the same challenges as we travel through life. Join the group, and share in the things that connect us all!

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