Our Community Support Worker

Our Community Support Worker

belong’s community worker is here to help you find the supports you need to address specific issues affecting your life. Connect with your Community Worker by appointment at the Acacia Ridge Community Centre from 9 am – 2 pm, Monday to Friday. Our Community Worker can:

  • Discuess your needs and aspirations
  • Assist with you and your family’s specific needs
  • Help you access services to meeting your needs, including things like training and employment, and access to a range of services including health, homelessness and disability.

Within budget constraints, the worker can also provide financial assistance to community members through Emergency Relief and other brokerage funding.

Financial Support

Our Community Support Worker can assist you if you are in a financially difficult situation.

Educational Support

We can assist you in getting job-ready to give you the best chance of securing a job.

Emotional Support

Looking after your mental health is important to be able to cope with all other aspects of your life. At belong we can help you get the right support.

Providing you with the support and services you need

We understand that life is unpredictable and people’s circumstances change. We are here to help you through those unexpected difficult times.