Providing general groceries to the community

Food Co-op

Our food relief initiatives provide people on Brisbane’s Southside a variety of general groceries every week. These range from general groceries to personal care items at a much lower cost than big chain supermarkets charge. Simply pay an annual membership fee to have access all year round.



Acacia Ridge Community Centre, 21 Hanify Street, Acacia Ridge

Opening Hours – Tuesday to Thursday 9:00am – 12:00pm

Annual Membership Cost – $5.00

Who is it for?

Food Co-op is available to low income earners in the community

Affording basic food staples is not easy for many in our community. Our Food Co-op helps ease the pressure by providing low cost and high-quality food to people struggling with rising costs and low incomes.

How can you help?

Through our strong connections with low-cost food outlets, we are able to supply a range of basic staples, proteins, and fresh fruit and vegetables at a fraction of the price of the major supermarket chains. This empowers your generosity with real bang for buck, ensuring each dollar donated is stretched to meet the needs of the largest possible number of people in need.

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Donate to a community in need. All donations are fully tax deductible and go to where they are needed most.